World Cup of British Bands: The Finalists



Good evening. With Glastonbury happening this weekend and a certain vote on Britain's place in some form of European collection of nations, us at ByTheMinute thought we'd mashup music and Britain in a special(ish) sort of way. Welcome to the World Cup of British Bands. These are the 32 bands that will battle it out this weekend for the title...

(These are being unveiled to you in alphabetical order by the way...not in nomination number order...we're all about fair play!)

BAND 1: Arctic Monkeys The lads from Sheffield that took the internet by storm in 2005, have now got 5 albums under their belt. Could be someone's "Favourite Worst Nightmare" in this World Cup.

Harvey Waywell

Atomic Kitten next up.....

BAND 2: Belle and Sebastian Unlike FIFA World Cups, there is Scottish representation here. Indie-pop band from Glasgow that have racked up 9 albums in their time. "If You're Feeling Sinister" they might be worth a fiver to win this.

Graham Terris

Yay!! Going to see them playing the whole of If You're Feeling Sinister tomorrow night. 👍

Alan Wilson

Get in!

BAND 3: Blur Formed in 1988, this four-piece were at the heart of Britpop in the 90s. 8 albums later, they are a top contender for the World Cup, though may need "The Great Escape" to get out of their group first...

Alan Wilson

I'm in the Mogwai camp here.

Alan Wilson

blur: are shite (in case you've forgotten)

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BAND 4: Coldplay Some will love this inclusion. Others won't. The Sunday headliners this year at Glastonbury could push them along. Hard to argue with 7 number one studio albums though. Could be a dark horse for the World Cup. Will have a "Rush Of Blood To The Head" if they can reach the latter stages.

Tim Bonville-Ginn

Yes! They have to be up there!!

BAND 5: Iron Maiden There's gotta be some heavy metal in the World Cup. Iron Maiden carry the hopes and dreams of the hard rockers in the World Cup. With 16 albums, they have a lot of experience. But do they have "The X Factor" to go all the way?

Alan Wilson


Sandy Beattie


BAND 6: Joy Division A thoroughly iconic British band featuring Curtis, Sumner, Hook and Morris. But will the lack of albums (just 2) count against them? They will certainly aim to go "Closer" to glory than their counterparts.

Alan Wilson

It's about quality, not quantity Roddy.

Roddy Graham

That's why I think it will actually favour them compared to some of the others who should have stopped before they sold out!

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BAND 7: Kasabian I'd say they are one of the outsiders for the tournament, perhaps just pleased to qualify. But if Leicester City can win the Premier League, who's to say Kasabian couldn't go all the way here? If Tom and Sergio are on "Fire", others may be terrified.

Alan Wilson

still say he scored the best ever goal on Soccer AM.

BAND 8: Led Zeppelin The 60s and 70s rockers have more than earned their spot in the finals. Liked by fans from back in the day and generations since. A true heavy hitter. Can their "Presence" earn them the title?