2016 Olympic Verdict



"We have done work on anti-doping that no other country has been able to do" Honestly. Russia's sports minister said that. Stop laughing.

We could be waiting a while longer for this verdict...so here's some sports related pictures of President Putin whilst time ticks on...

Here he is doing some open water swimming...

Here he is stretching for a judo/karate/some other martial arts warm up...

Phylis from San Francisco

any pictures of his girlfriend


Is it past the watershed yet?? lol

And here he is just after some sparring with one of the Klitschko's...

Sky News' Paul Kelso is outside the office. He's having a BALL by the sounds of it...

This meeting has entered its fourth hour. Either that or they've all gone home without switching the lights off. Entirely possible.

The BBC's @danroan saying news is imminent...stay tuned folks....this could be big. Or a very damp squib.

Seb Coe about to appear outside the central London office to reveal the verdict..."next few minutes" mentioned on BBC News Channel. Ooohh.

BREAKING: Russia have been suspended...22-1 in the voting!