Adele at Glastonbury



ADELE SETLIST 1) Hello 2) Rumour Has It 3) I'll Be Waiting 4) One and Only 5) Water Under The Bridge 6) Skyfall 7) Hometown Glory 8) Don't You Remember 9) Send My Love 10) River Lea 11) Rolling In The Deep 12) Make You Feel My Love 13) Set Fire To The Rain 14) When We Were Young 15) Someone Like You


It's Adele! It's her headlining glastonbury! It's going to make you cry! Yes, Adele and her break up songs are here, and with the break up between the UK and the EU, there will be plenty to get emotional at. We will expect to hear songs like Someone like EU, Rolling in the Deep Recession and When we Were Young we Were Screwed by the Elderly voting out'

I'm not a massive Adele fan but some of her songs are good. My concern is, she's probably not very fun to watch for an hour and a half. But we will find out when she walks onto Glastonbury's main stage at about 22:15

We are being shown a lovely life montage by the BBC, she was born in Tottenham and went to the Brits school, she'll be singing soon

I'll update the setlist at the top of the page as it goes on tonight

Huw Stephens and Lauren Laverne are about to introduce her onto the pyramid stage

Screams in the crowd, she's on stage! And, of course, starts with a echoing 'Hello'

I suppose I should say what she's wearing, it's a long dress with sequins down the middle, looks vaguely Japanese style. Fashion watch over.

1 minute in and we get the first big key-change, she's singing it beautifully, of course she is, but an hour and a half of this will be a struggle

EU song update, she's singing 'Hello from the other side' on behalf of all of us, we are all the other side now, Adele is one of us.