Gold Coast



Welcome to today's coverage of Hawthorn v Gold Coast. Setting the scene with the sunny* backdrop of Aurora stadium in Launceston. Aurora has been an absolute fortress for the Hawks winning 24/25 and 17 on the trot there. It will take something very special to get the Suns over the line today.

The Hawks come decked out in pink in support of the Tasmanian Cancer Council. Solid stuff.

For those of you who missed it, Jack Martin is a late out. He is replaced by Matt Shaw.

Predictions? I'm going Hawks 50+. Hard to see anything other than that.

Aaron Hall the one to watch for me. Is averaging 31 possessions this year. Good Hobart boy too.

We have bounce!

Q1 19:45 Well.. Hawthorn go forward immeadiately. Gunston crumbs the pack beautifully and slots it home.

Q1 17:30 Hawks with all the early pressure. Ball has spent almost all its time in their forward half. Gunston looking very dangerous early.

Q1 14:55 Wright! Lynch's kick forward finds him in all sorts of space just 20 metres out! Guffs it. Still a goal. GC lead!

Q1 13:08 Gold Coast look up for it so far. Pretty even contest the last 5 minutes.