Gold Coast



Q1 10:33 Brad Hill turns the ball over with an absolute mare. Finds Ablett all by himself 40 out. He misses. Matera doesn't a minute later though!

Hawks look flat.

Q1 7:10 Jordan Lewis! Drifts inside 50 and is found by a Gunston floater. He goes back and slots it. Hawks close the gap.

Q1 6:18 Vintage Ablett! Breaks the Gibson tackle and slides past another. Steps around and slips through a beauty of a goal.

Q1 3:31 Ablett on fire. 10 touches already. Doing damage too.

Q1 1:43 Gold Coast look different class today. Wright sits the ball on Lynch's head and he marks! Goals too. 15 point lead for the Sums!

Q1 1:10 Birchall and Grant get in a melee. Wrestling on the ground. Pretty sure Birchall tried a submission.

QT. Suns with an unbelievable start. Haw 2.1.13 GC 4.4.28.

QT stats.

Hawks all over the place that quarter. Normally elite by foot they struggled to hit targets.