Gold Coast



Q2 Bounce!

Q2 18:43 Lynch! Plucks it from right on the goal line! What were the Hawks doing?! Time for them to wake up.

Q2 17:32 Hartung kicks a beauty. Picks the ball up in the pocket and puts a step on Ablett and slots it!

Q2 15:10 Sicily! Marks inside 50 from a beautiful Gibson delivery. Goes back and slots it. Beautiful kick from the tough pocket.

Q2 12:10 Hawthorn still struggling to hit their targets. Suns pressure has been immense.

Q2 9:04 Goal Hawthorn. Hartung is found inside from a great Gunston handball. He finishes for his second.

Q2 8:07 Day! Gold Coast immeadiately answer! Great tackle on Hodge rewards him with the free on fifty. He bangs it through!

Q2 6:17 Pressure has gone up a notch or two as the rain really starts to fall.

Q2 2:07 Hawks banging down the door here. Just can't get the finish.

Q2 1:06 Sicily puts it on the scoreboard. Good pack mark and slots from 20 metres. Just a 1 point Suns lead.