Evening all! @Ugster1 and @DrCMiller to bring you BTM coverage of Hungary v Belgium, as they meet for a Euro '16 quarter final place. The teams, not us.

UG - I'm in the BTM Belgium rep, Dr Miller for Hungary. Like a fool, I've been typing out the lines ups in previous games...

UG - Belgium, of course, the latest underperforming team to be cursed with the 'golden generation' tag. Maybe this is their year, although I'm still mourning the exit of Croatia, as they had my £2 on them...

UG - Right, players out, anthems done, Miller on the way - what more do you want?

CM - Alright m8? This is the first game I've watched all weekend! Excited isnt the word. Because I'm not. A ground out 2-0 win for your lot I reckon

UG - Evening! I'm hoping for a classic as I've allowed Betfair to seduce me with their silly bets - 5.5 goals, 5.5 cards and 5.5 subs. It's going to be a dull 1-0, isn't it...

CM - It's crazy that your bets actually control what grown men do hundreds of miles away, but, sadly... rules are rules FOR THE RIGHT TO MEET WALES hahahahaha... here we go.

UG - Glad the football's started, Rio Ferdinand is doing the top-shirt-button-done-up-with-no-tie that Bubba Watson is also a fan of, which I find more irritating than I should. Speaking of irritating, Martin Keown on comms.

CM - you poor poor man... I missed who this bloke is speaking out of my telly. Belgium looking a bit nervy here so far. Overhitting passes. They are running Hungary all over the shop though to be fair.

CM - hang on a sec... What's this I'm hearing about the Hungarian goalie wearing trousers...? HOW HAS THIS NOT BEEN HIGHLIGHTED BY THE MEDIA????