Andy Murray
6 6 6

Yen-Hsun Lu
3 2 1



AFTERNOON TENNIS FANS! I've answered my call from our glorious leader Sturgeon and am signing on to bring you coverage of Scotland's greatest man in action at some London-based tournament. Wimbledon, or something like that. I'm Roddy Graham. And you are very welcome to have me here.

Mr Murray is up against Yen-Hsun Lu today. Here's everything I know about his opponent in one image.

In the first round, Andy beat Liam Broady from England. And the Scottish chap won. Obviously. That's why he's here today. God, you're thick. The players have arrived on centre court. Huge cheers. Including that woman all clad in the union jack suit. Bloody Brexiteer.

If you're a fan of head-to-head statistics you'll be beside yourself with this next update. *SPOILER* It's rather good for Andy.

This is the view from "The Hill" at SW19. Decent wee crowd settling in. If you're reading this and you're there right now, go and shout "I LOVE BYTHEMIN TENNIS". I'd love you forever if you did.

You ready then? The players certainly are. Get yourself comfy. Have the telly on (if possible) and me on your mobile. Perfect accompani...OH FFS MURRAY...YOU'VE LOST THE FIRST POINT!!! NOT WHAT I NEED THIS WEEK YOU DICK!!

Oi Andy...WAKE UP! 15-40 on his serve...Lu with two very early break points. He's only gone and taken the first of them too. Do not hit the laptop Roddy. It's not worth it!

Sweet drop shot to win the break point from Lu. His ground play in that opening game was very impressive. Hoping it's a case of 'start well early...go to pot soon after'. REALLY hoping it is that case.

Mohamed Haziq

Haha...I was hoping that it WOULDN'T be the case. I'd certainly favor a third major Brexit and I think the crowd would love it too.

Roddy Graham

Mohamed...I don't mean to be cruel and I really appreciate you coming on here to read our commentary during the game but...I HOPE YOU FEEL REALLY SAD IN A COUPLE OF HOURS ONCE ANDY CRUSHES YOUR MAN TO A PULP. That is all.

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Lu strong from the off. Murray yet to find the sweet spot. Crowd flat too. Surely there's not going be a massive Brexit at Wimbledon on day 4? 2-0 Lu first set. Gulp.

Murray holds! He's on the scoreboard! LIFE IS GOOD! Ish... It did take him a wee while to get there in fairness...