Q4 13:50 Silvagni has just taken a great mark, a traditional Silvagni mark running back with the flight. Poetry in motion.


Welcome to Saturday Night Footy from The 'G. Traditional rivals Carlton and Collingwood clashing again for the second time this season.

Mark my words there will be some feeling in this one. I can feel it in my waters. Son of former Carlton Great Stephen Silvagni makes his debut tonight, Young Jack Silvagni. And this is where the push and shove will originate I believe, The Magpies will get into him and the Blues to stick up for him. Don't be surprised for some push and shove before the bounce.

The clash earlier in the season saw Carlton prevail by 15 points in a great contest also here at the MCG. And I hope this game goes the same way. Nothing better than beating Collingwood twice in a season for Carlton fans, apart from obviously winning a premiership.

Andrew Walker is playing his 200th game tonight. What an achievement, and to do so against the Old Enemy.... The Greatest Sporting rivalry in Australia.

Q1 BOUNCE!!! And here we go! They're into Silvagni just as I predicted.

Q1 19:08 Some classy ball movement from the Pies midfield, hitting up Darcy Moore lining up from 35m close to the boundary... Behind.

Q1 17:40 Daisy Thomas booed greatly by the Magpie faithful with his first disposal, who hits up Jack Silvagni crowd goes Crazy, he then drills the pass to Lamb. From 45m on the Boundary Blues with the first GOAL.

Q1 15:35 Pressure immense from both sides early. Boundary throw in, Mason Cox taps to Grundy who snaps ... a point for the Pies. 1.0.6 to 0.2.2 Blues Lead.

Q1 14:20 Levi Greenwood running into goal and shanks it poorly. Behind. Just.