Monday Night Raw



Hey everyone. Raw starts in half an hour. I'm Jody Jamieson, to bring you a quick preview!

PS before I do, there was no Raw feed last week because Roddy was so entertained by Iceland beating England he forgot to put it the feed up. I swear that's true!

Anyway Raw tonight. Dean Ambrose vs the Miz. Not quite Hogan/Warrior at Mania 6 but I'm sure it'll be ok. Titus O'Neill challenges Rusev for the US title. There's a 16 man tag where it's USA vs the World. And there was a massive food fight before Raw, which sounds lame.

Also, it's 4th July. Expect USA jingoistic stuff. Come back at 1am!

Right lads and lasses. Time for Raw. We get the video of everyone eating backstage.

The food fight begins as some pelts Aiden English for singing. Miz and Maryse interrupt to try and stop the food fight. Maryse is an 11/10 tonight. And it kicks off. It was as lame as advertised.

They've done this a million times at Thanksgiving. I don't know why they think it's entertaining. Luckily the last two Raws have been good shows, so let's hope that continues!

Kane and Big Show ended the food fight by choke slamming Heath Slater through a table. Everyone stops and laughs. That was at least a decent end.

Kevin Owens throws a fit after hiding, saying it would never happen on Canada Day, and then gets face planted with a pie. Any redeeming quality was lost.

We're now live in the arena for what will most likely be the least watched Raw in history with it being July 4th. We're in Columbus, Ohio. Lilian Garcia is gonna sing the national anthem. We have old school red, white and blue ropes tonight, which at least gets a thumbs up.