Monday Night Raw



Time for the 16 man elimination tag. Team USA vs the Multi-National Alliance. With national anthems for the foreigners!

Will Forbes

Thing is, this shouldn't even be a contest, given most of Team USA are jobbers. So why should we care?

Owens starts by beating up Zack Ryder. He goes for a pop up powerbomb, but Zack blocks it and tags in D-Von.

Dudleys pin Sin Cara with a 3D.

Kalisto pins Bubba Ray after Sheamus hits a Brogue kick. Time for a break. It's 7 on 7

We're back. No eliminations during the break. Cesaro giant swings D-Von.

D-Von taps out to a Cesaro sharpshooter. 7 on 6, advantage EVIL FOREIGNERS

Swagger and Cesaro face off. Remember their tag team days. Do the we the people chant, and then wrestle. Swagger gets the ankle lock on. Cesaro reverses, but can't get the sharpshooter on.

Jericho pins Swagger with a codebreaker. 7 on 5. The partners are just politely standing in the apron letting their partners get pinned. And then all get in the ring to brawl. Daft.

We're back. Still 7 on 5. Apollo Crews and Del Rio in the ring.

Mark Henry tags in. Kalisto does too. Gets a worlds strongest slam for the pin. 6 on 5