Monday Night Raw



They have a big flag up behind Lilian. The Bulgarian flag should drop and Rusev interrupts. Best heel heat ever. But no. Lilian just sings. She's pretty good to be fair.

Lilian stops and Rusev's music hits. I might (somewhat) get my wish!

Boo no Bulgarian flag. Disappointed. Here comes Titus O'Neil, dressed like Uncle Sam. Groan. US Title match to kick us off.

Will Forbes

Remember when someone on the last series of Tough Enough got ripped apart for dressing like that?

Jody Jamieson

I never saw it, but whoever it was deserved it

After the break.

Oh god Titus O'Neil is wearing the Uncle Sam trousers for the match. It's like a shite Barber Shop Quartet. Titus on the offensive early.

Titus throws Rusev around a bit, but Rusev cuts him off and then German suplexes him over the top. Awesome.

Titus gets Irish whipped into the steps. Fans boo. Ref counts. Titus gets back in at 8.

All Rusev now. Chinlock fest.

Slugfest breaks out and Titus gets the better of it and starts his comeback. Big power slam, hits the Clash of the Titus but Rusev kicks out!

Rusev hits a couple of kicks to the heads d gets back in control. Goes for the Accolade and gets it on...