Monday Night Raw



They're about to French it up, but Dean's music interrupts. JBL bemoans the fact that Dean represents the company as champion. Bell rings.

Miz hits a shoulder block and then stands there forever admiring it. He's a great heel. But that's all the offense he gets early as it's now all Dean.

Miz takes over, and we head to break.

Miz still dominating as we return. He's working the leg. Setting up the figure 4 I assume

Dean starts his comeback, misses with the dropkick and then Miz slaps on the figure four. Dean does his wacky selling.

Miz off the top rope. Goes for dirty deeds. Miz reverses. Tries the figure 4 again. Dean rolls him up for 2. Clothesline to Miz which sends him outside, and then an Ambrose topè.

Dean with his standing elbow from the top. Miz reverses, but Dean lands a victory roll for 2.

And then Dean wins with Dirty Deeds. This was pretty fun.

Dean goes to leave, but Seth Rollins music hits. He swaggers out to the top of the ramp. They stare at each other. They swagger towards each other. Dean just walks past and gives him an "atta boy" as Seth heads to the ring for his match. Dean then charges the rings he heads in, walks right past Seth and heads to the commentary table. The Spanish one at that! Seth kicks off. We head to break

Dean is doing Spanish commentary in nice and basic Spanish. What a legend.