Monday Night Raw



Vickie is still being escorted out. She runs into Dolph. She appeals for his help. He pretends he's never seen her before. She screams.

Breezeango have a VIP section at ringside. They are great. Unfortunately, they are ringside for the Golden Truth vs the Vaudevillains. They have a wacky bouncing Goldust head for the R-Truth rap which is quite funny.

Goldust does his hot tag about 30 seconds in if that. Crowd is completely silent.

Golden Truth win with a move JBL called Solid Gold. This went about 90 seconds.

They pose in the ring like school children at Breezeango. Segment over. Colossal waste of time.

Stupid Darren Young and Bob Backlund video. This one was actually quite good, but it's been months. Backlund wants him to do the cross face chicken wing. I'll mark out for that.

John Cena out.

John Cena takes a mic. Hints that the crowd aren't as fired up as normal. For once he's telling the truth and not pretending the crowd is wild. He tries to get the going. It doesn't work. Crowd sucks tonight.

Will Forbes

The crowd is reflecting the show tonight

Jody Jamieson

Yeah. They know they're getting a horrible rating, so they've mailed this one in.

Even the duelling chant of Let's go Cena/Cena sucks is half assed. Cena talks about how hot the crowd was when he and Cena first faced off. Puts over AJ strong, but says he was disappointed that AJ didn't stand on his own two feet.

He says he wants to know who the better man is, but if you fight one guy from the Club, you fight the whole Club. He shows the Club beating the shit out of him last week.