Monday Night Raw



He talks about being banged up and having to look over his shoulder, but he's still standing. Calls out the Club. They oblige.

Styles takes a mic and essentially calls Cena a cry baby. Styles bemoans the fact that WWE was in Japan last week, but saw Cena's face all over the posters.

Styles says the powers that be can't accept Styles beat him at Money In The Bank. Says the Club are there to stop Cena "getting out the shovel and burying" him

Styles points out no-one comes out to help Cena when he's getting beat down. Says no-one does it because he's out himself out on an island that no-one in the back relates to.

Styles says they need to get rid of Cena and will beat him up every week he shows up. Says nothing could be more fun.

They say they'll beat him up on Labor Day. On Halloween. Gallows says he'll dress up as Bushwhacker Luke for Halloween and then beat up Cena. Anderson says he'll wrap presents with his hot Asian wife for Christmas, and the. Beat up John Cena.

Styles says its Independence Day. They decide it's time to beat up John Cena. They surround the ring. They get in. And they beat up John Cena. Fans are actually booing this beating. Styles says "it's beat up John Cena Day!" as he punches crap out of him.

Cena has friends for once! Enzo and Big Cass come out to make the save. Brawl is on!

Faces clear the ring. They pose. I'm sure Enzo and Cass will soon learn that Cena is a shit friend.

Alberto Del Rio, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, Cesaro and the Lucha Dragons will be the International Alliance later in the 16 man tag. Becky Lynch vs Summer Rae is next.