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6th May 2019 Message from Roddy: Myself, Chris and Steph wanted to update you on where we now stand with BTM. Due to work commitments and personal circumstances, we have decided to take the difficult decision to stand down from organising and scheduling the coverage on our BTM channels. Firstly can we all say that everyone's commitment and standard of writing over the last 6 years has been exceptional, and the website and the individual Twitter accounts would never have excelled without your hard work. For that we will always be grateful. Along the way all of us have made friends, which I’m sure will last for as long as we are on this planet! We haven't taken this decision lightly and do not want to see BTM cease to exist as a result. What we are hoping is that there will be someone, or preferably a small group of people, out there who wish to step into our shoes and take BTM into a bright, new future. All of us will no doubt do the odd bit of writing or podcasting in the future but we'd like to pass the management side of things on to someone/people with more time and energy than us. If you would like to be considered for this role, please get in touch and we'll make a decision about who would be best to take the project forward over the coming days. If there is no interest, we will share the passwords to all feeds to a number of long term contributors and people will be able to hop on/off feeds as and when they'd like to. BTM has for us, like a lot of you, been a huge part of our lives for the last 6 years, and I think we can look back fondly over this time in which we created an enjoyable community with some really witty and informative commentaries/blogs/podcasts. Sadly we haven't managed to turn it into a full-time job - but this opportunity for you to bring some fresh ideas to the table might just change that. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years - may this just be the end of a chapter, and not the end of the story. Roddy, Chris and Steph Email: DM: @itsByTheMinute