First Night of the Proms



Thanks for listening/reading. Pop any questions in the comments box if you like. We’ll be back with more Proms action over the next 8 weeks or so. I’ve been @dralanwilson, see you soon !

Very well done ... I'm off to watch the film now, glutton for punishment.

Rejoice, rejoice. This is very upbeat for him. I'm liking this a lot, despite the top C's being hit. Fantastic way to finish!

Some serious bells going on here. No, not those ones.

22 Alexanders Entry into Pskov. No tittering. It's a place, not a person.

And she's wandered off now which is a bit unusual.

This is our lady !!

Soloist takes the stage ....

This could be the The Ice Breaks and now The Field for the Dead coming up. Cue tracks 20/21.

OK, back to the serious Russian stuff again. Trombones heavily involved here.