First Night of the Proms



Strings with a counter theme, building to a point where they can pass over to the woodwind. Flutes and oboes mostly with the love theme again.

Here's the opening for you again ...

End of the love theme and back to the earlier themes, some classic Tchaikovsky horns in there. Tough one the French Horn ... bravely played there.

I should say this is a fairly conventional start to the season , but that's the whole idea of the proms - to lure you in with accessible stuff and move on to the more aurally challenging as we go along. Percussion getting a good work out here

And now we recapitulate the main love theme with the whole orchestra led by the strings joining in. Lush.

Conductor is getting pretty animated now as the main theme returns with some counter melodies and clashes of the cymbals. Perhaps a hint that this is not going to end well? Who'd have thought.

You can hear where Bernstein got the inspiration for the knife scene in West Side Story.

Oh yes, the conductor is Sakari Oramo, used to be at the CBSO if I'm not mistaken.

Things slowing down and now a timpani roll to finish with a flourish. Well played that orchestra !!

BBC Symphony Orchestra there for you.