First Night of the Proms



Expect a lot of Russianness here. I'm not familiar with this, so we're on a journey together here.

1 Russia under the Mongolian Yoke Painful. Starts painfully too.

This is what I'm talking about

All a bit depressing to start with ... now we get some singing as we move to the River Neva (2)

Some general chat about how great he was with appropriately patriotic music ... lots of scything and smiting of enemies going on.

Clash !

6 Peregrinus expectavi ...

Orchestra taking over with a more romantic theme ... oops spoke to soon. Reckon those brass blasts were not a good sign. Invaders at the door somewhere. Don't have time here for a full analysis of film music, but it's unusual for a piece such as this to stand on its own in the repertoire (classically speaking).

Getting a bit Game of Thrones now if those cymbals are anything to go by.

10 Arise, Russian People! Rousing stuff.