First Night of the Proms



So far I'm not convinced that this stands alone outwith the context of the film. But maybe that's just me being grumpy. Hard to follow the narrative if you didn't know what was happening via some other means.

We're approaching the fighty scenes so I expect this rather serene music to change up quite soon and start blasting out some competing horn calls !

Here we go ... lots of shouting and heavy brass as we go to war.

Despite my earlier comments, you can almost picture the scenes that the music is painting here. Not just supporting the narrative of the film but adding to it. It has to be said that a film without music would be a very different beast.

This is a bit more jolly - the strings are taking the lead and consigned the heavy artillery to the background for a bit. Some nice wood blocks in there too... bit like this.

OK, back to the serious Russian stuff again. Trombones heavily involved here.

This could be the The Ice Breaks and now The Field for the Dead coming up. Cue tracks 20/21.

Soloist takes the stage ....

This is our lady !!

And she's wandered off now which is a bit unusual.