Pokemon Go! (LIVE!)



Good afternoon all! I'm @a_buckmaster, and it's time to catch some Pokemon! But firstly, the intro!

For all those wondering, here are all the Pokemon I have so far, with a Magikarp at the bottom! All duplicates have been transferred to boost others CPs.

And here are all the eggs I have currently, nearly half way through a 10KM!

And last but not least, my characters info. Go Mystic!

We are off! My local gym is taken by the Yellows, so my aim for today is to rank up and take it back for the blues!

Here's the highest in the local gym! 814! I'm gonna have to work hard today.

Local Pokestop ain't working, no worries. On to the next one

At the pokestop, got some revives, potions and pokeballs. Sweet.

Another gym this time, red! Highest being 921, need to get my game up!

Another stop, more balls and revives, of course.