Caythorpe CC

Hucknall CC



Morning everyone......between weather and work related travel nightmares, it's been 5 weeks since I did one of these. I might be rusty.

We've had the toss, and Caythorpe have won it (more correctly, Hucknall lost it) and have opted to bat first. We should be starting on time an around 10 minutes or so.

Players and umpires heading out to the field, play about to get underway.

As predicted 30 minutes ago by the Hucknall scorer, Ahmed opens with a wide, swiftly followed by another

Two wides, and an inside edge for 4 from Allcoat get the scoring underway. Jake Libby to open with spin from the other end. He took 5-48 when these sides last met

Two leg byes to the score from Libby's first over.

Allcoat taking a liking to Ahmed. Crashing one through the covers for 4, then pulling the naxt ball over midwicket for 4 more.

Libby's 2nd over goes for 4 as Dobson works some cuts and prods to switch ends for the first time.

Dobson gets a life, third ball of the Ahmed over, a call of "No Ball" just precedes his off stick cartwheeling toward the wicket keeper. He takes advantage off the last ball, driving to the long on rope for 3. Nice dive cutting the ball off just short.

That's out though. Dobson takes a stride down the wicket, Libby rattles him on the pad and the umpires finger goes up. Dobson made 6 from 21 balls. Libby has the beakthrough. Oliver Clarke the new man off the mark with a leg glance.