Moto GP: Germany

Moto GP


Good afternoon! @Ugster1 to bring you the latest round of Moto GP, the German Grand Prix from Sachsenring. First thing to note - it's wet, and there looks like a bit of a nervous air on the grid. Second thing to note - no Bradl today, he crashed earlier and isn't allowed to race due to concussion.

So here's the grid - Marquez on pole. Marquez, Barbera, Rossi Petrucci, Espargaro (P), Vinales Dovi, Espargaro (A), Iannone Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Hernandez Crutchlow, Smith, Redding Miller, Laverty, Bautista Baz, Rabat.

Warm up lap underway, and it's raining again. Plenty of spray about, although we're not talking massive areas of standing water.

Marquez leads Lorenzo by 24 points in the overall standings, Rossi in third. Grid just lining up... AND WE'RE OFF!

Rossi takes the lead, Marquez behind him, Dovi into third..., into second as he passes Marquez!

And now Petrucci goes past Marquez, but can't make it stick. That's just one laps action! 30 lap race.

29 laps to go: Rossi - Dovi - Marquez - Petrucci - Barbera the top five. All pretty close at the moment!

Fastest lap for Miller, crash for Hernandez, don't know if he's continuing yet. Dovi takes the lead, Petrucci also past Rossi to get into second place - a Ducatti 1-2.

Looks like Hernandez is out - walking back to pits. Two leaders pulling out a very slight lead.

Petrucco into the lead! So with 26 laps to go, the top five: Petrucci Dovi Rossi Marquez Miller And Hernandez is continuing, but a lap behind now.