The Lion King



Evening friends. So there's this really unknown film that's on Channel 4 tonight. It's called "The Lion King". I'm sure you've never heard of it. Anyways, I watched it about 20 years ago and fancied revisiting it tonight. Let's enjoy it together.


Still know all the words to this song. Sad, I know. One thing I do want to see (and I'm sure the internet will have it) is David Attenborough narrating the opening scenes. Bet it out there.

Well this is rather lovely. New ickle lion cub being lifted to the kingdom. I feel if Ken Clarke had done that to Theresa May last week it would have been a much better spectacle. Or Prince Phillip. Actually, yes. Prince Phillip would have been better.

I'm just going to put this out there. Scar is an utter twat. An absolute, sheer and utter twat. But one of Disney's greatest characters.

Mr Bean doing the bird voice is an inspired choice too. Mufasa on the other hand...I never really clicked with him. Then he died. Sorry, spoiler if you've never seen this. Which none of you will be like, I'm sure.

Monkey art is rather fine. In Africa. Over here it's just shit on a zoo wall isn't it? Mind you, some London art galleries would still take it.

Little Simba is a right needy wee git isn't he? "Wake up Dad...Dad...wake me the kingdom" "How about no son, it's Saturday and I've worked all week to feed your little fat face. Back to bed you little dick"

Ahhhh...that kingdom scene. Meme'd to the high heavens now. This is still my favourite version.

I GENUINELY CAN'T REMEMBER A BEAVER BEING IN THIS FILM! Shows how long it's been since I've watched it. Bet there'll be loads more things I can't remember as we go on too.