The Lion King



Uncle Scar is a arse. Pass it on. Also just had to Google who does the voice of Scar. It's Jeremy Irons. The things you learn doing this nonsense.

I'm just witnessing a lion licking a baby's arse. On telly. Pre-watershed. If that was humans doing that Ofcom wouldn't stop picking up the phone until next Sunday. Disgusting.

BEST SONG OF THE WHOLE MOVIE. END OF. If you disagree, you're wrong. Just wrong.

I taught my primary 1/2 class a dance to this on my probationary year as a teacher. If was awesome. Masks and everything. And still, if you think this isn't the best song of the film you are still wrong.

So much sexual chemistry between Nala and Simba, eh? She likes to pin him aswell. Nothing like a dominant women to keep you in toe Simba lad, eh?

Hyenas. Horrible animals. That opinion is purely based on this film. Just like wolves. Hated them ever since I watched Gladiators.

"Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?" "" Well technically mate, you're bigger than the lion cubs so you should get your proportions in check before coming out with statements like that.

"You deliberately disobeyed me" I'm not angry. I'm just disappointed. But even harsher. Might use that one in the future with my children/pupils.

Disney and colours is always magical. These dark blues/purples/browns really add to the story. See, I can be analytical with films as well as nonsensical.

Awwwww how lovely, this father and son bonding. AND THEN THEY GO AND KILL HIM. SCREW YOU DISNEY. SCREW YOU. It's not happened yet mind. I'm just warning you. I wish someone had warned me 20 years...