The Lion King



There's no updates just now because they are on a break. Shan behaviour from Channel 4 but, hey, it's government owned so it's just the latest* way of them screwing us over. *not latest in the slightest. Channel 4 has had ads for ages.

We're back. Those pesky hyenas are being...well...pesky again. Scar turns up aswell. He's got that "I'm going to kill my brother" look in his eyes too...

I'm probably not supposed to like this song as it's the point...but I really don't like this song. I'd go as far as saying it's one of the worst Disney songs of all time. Europop comes to mind. Dirge.

PS...Be Prepared was the unofficial anthem of the Vote Leave camp last fact that. Just a shame that the remain camp weren't...

T-minus 3 minutes until Mufasa dies btw...I'm just preparing you. Get the tissues ready. It's brutal.

Genuinely can't remember that iguana-type creature being in the film either. T-minus 1 minute now until the death of the king. Hanky in the hand? Good, let's advance.

As a 5 year old child watching this in 1994, this was genuinely terrifying. The sound. The sights. The panic. The "but he'll be ok Mum, eh?" question. When Simba managed to make it up safely I was like "phew...that was a close one..." Little did I know what was coming next...

Scar chucking his "brother" into the stampede was my generation's "Bambi's mother" moment. Not so much the throwing off the cliff but more the sadness in Simba's eyes as he searched for his old man. Finding him lifeless was about as sad as it got for 5 year old me. Then Timon and Pumba came along and it was soon forgotten. Funny that, eh.

For all their tackiness and merchandise and commercialism, Disney really do real-life story telling better than anyone. They set you up for dealing with life's challenges so well. So, thanks Disney. I guess. I know "you're" not reading but thanks.

That buffoon knows EXACTLY what a prick Scar is. He knows. He's just too old and wise to blab. At least that's the story I'm going with. Timon and Pumba enter. Quite possibly my favourite duo of Disney characters. Shame they sold out with all the spinoffs.