WWE Draft Preview



MALE ROSTER CONTINUED Sami Zayn Seth Rollins Sheamus Sin Cara The Miz (w/ Maryse) – Intercontinental Champion Titus O’Neil Zack Ryder

TAG TEAMS Breezango Enzo and Cass Gallows and Anderson Golden Truth Shining Stars Social Outcasts The Ascension The Dudley Boyz The New Day The Usos The Vaudevillains

FEMALE ROSTER Alicia Fox Becky Lynch Charlotte – WWE Women’s Champion Dana Brooke Eva Marie Naomi Natalya Paige Sasha Banks Summer Rae

Brock Lesnar, despite being a part time name and despite being flagged by USADA for an anti-doping violation, will be eligible to be drafted, so will give us the first indication of how WWE will approach this latest controversy. Worth noting that if Lesnar is handed a ban, that pro wrestling would count in states where it is regulated. Like New York, Where Summerslam is.

The only name omitted that raised any eyebrows was the Undertaker. I must admit I don't understand why anyone raised an eyebrow. Undertaker wrestles once a year, and might be done. We don't know what's going on, but it makes no sense whatsoever to draft him to a specific brand.

So there your have it. Smackdown kicks off at 1am on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, and we'll be bringing you live coverage of the festivities.

Couple of predictions. I predict the first pick in the draft will be Seth Rollins. I predict they will only break up one tag team, and it'll be the Lucha Dragons, as they've accidentally forgot to list them as a tag team on WWE.com. I predict they'll call up Finn Balor, Bayley and American Alpha from NXT.

I'm not sure if Alpha would count as one or two talents in the rules of the Draft to be honest (I'd assume two) but if it does leave two spots open, Vince can't help but call up a couple of big stiffs who aren't ready. So expect the Nia Jax rumours to be true. Expect the other to be Mojo Rawley. I'd prefer he was drafted to Camp WWE but they always do something headscratchingly stupid.

So again, 1am Tuesday into Wednesday the first Smackdown Live gets underway with all the Draft festivities. We'll be bringing you it live at bytheminute.co and we'll see the shape of the WWE future take place before our eyes. Will it be good? Will they balls it up like they did the last time. I guess we'll find out!

I'm Jody Jamieson. Remember to post your predictions for rosters, tag teams, NXT rosters, or just general bold predictions in the comments section and we'll check back soon to see who is smart and who is dumb! Till then, enjoy the Draft!

Alistair Sargent

I agree, Steph picks Seth first and helps him to become champ, giving her the big belt. Shane has Dean as first pick as existing champ but with the belt gone he brings back the world heavyweight title for smackdown. The whole thing is a garbage idea. Just use the tv time better if you want to expose more talent. Aries will be called from nxt. He's a good worker who understands tv production and can be trusted to put on good matches on live tv