World Matchplay



Evening All - Some Monday night arrows for your delectation this evening. Kicking us off is a random tune from Level 42, Settle in, marvel at Mark King's bass and we will be in Blackpool very shortly

My favourite tournament of the year. Blackpool in the summertime is bound to be a noisy affair and we have a couple of hours coverage for you this evening.

I'm Stephen Clark and I'm on the oche for the first two games of the night. Phil Taylor is on third and if he comes on before 9pm then I'll stick with that game as well, even though I absolutely detest the fella!!

We have two former World Champions of the BDO variety up first tonight as Jelle Klassen takes on the "Bronze Adonis" that is Steve Beaton.

John McDonald is on the stage, the crowd are bevvied up after a day in the sun and we are ready to rock and roll. Here comes Steve Beaton to a bit of the Bee Gees. Sadly for the ladies, his shirt is not unbuttoned to the navel and there is no medallion

Jelle Klaasen comes onto the stage to Sex on Fire by The Kings of Leon. A testosterone fuelled walk on from both men.

Dave Clark is all overcome by the sight of Steve Beaton, claimng he is a "magnificent specimen". Dear oh dear. His opening darts are far from magnificent as he hits 24

A very BDO start as Klaasen hits 58 with his first 3 as well. After a pretty ropey start, Beaton pulls out the first maximum of the night and he breaks the throw with an 80 finish next time up JK 0-1 SB

Beaton a whisker away from a 153 check out but he is just the wrong side of D18 - Has the luxury of 3 more darts to tidy up and he does it JK 0-2 SB

Slack leg from Beaton allows Klaasen to open his account with a 2 dart checkout of 58. JK 1-2 SB