Peter Wright

Ian White



Evening if you have just joined us and hello again if you were following our coverage of Robert Thornton v Dave Chisnall. I'm Stephen Clark and this is the 2nd round of the World Matchplay from Blackpool.

Here comes Ian White to a bit of Play That Funky Music. Peter Wright is in Green with a Green and yellow Mohawk and "comedy" sunglasses tonight. Diamond White and Snakebite. The recipe for a messy evening.

Wright's trousers are covered in pineapples. He makes John Daly look understated.

Wright will throw first in Leg 1 - First to 11 for a place in the quarter final.

Decent start from both men but it is Wright who is first to a double and he hits Tops with his first attempt to open the scoring PW 1-0 IW

Just accidently deleted the story of that leg!! White hit a 180, was a whisker away from a 132 finish but then missed 3 darts at D8 and allowed Wright to nip in and pinch the leg against the throw. PW 2-0 IW

So whilst I was retyping that, leg 3 has got underway. Wright with a 174 leaves him 32 to go 3-0 up and he takes it out with his second dart. PW 3-0 IW

Crowd are getting into this and White is hanging in there with back to back 180's to open the leg. 7th dart is not perfect and another 2 missed darts at the double gives Wright a sniff. Pressure on White as he returns and he nails D4 to get on the board

Wayne Mardle says Peter Wright is "a majestic sight in full flow" - He is wearing a neon green shirt with white trousers covered in pineapples and a green and yellow striped mohawk. Majestic is not a word I would use. He is in full flow though and takes leg 5 to go into the break 4-1 up.