Michael van Gerwen

Kyle Anderson



Next up we have the world number 1 MvG agaisnt the man from down under Kyle Anderson. Both players are heavy scorers, could be a great game!

A wonderful start from Kyle as he hits a 180, but misses a handful of darts at double and MvG steps in to take the opening leg agausnt the darts!

A comfortable hold from MvG in 15 darts allows him to double to lead in a matter of minutes.

Both players have started really inconsistent, will follow a 180 with 78.

A 180 followed by a 177 allows MvG to break the throw again, Kyle again missing a dart at double

MvG a class above in the early stages of this match, another simple hold of throw and this match could be over before its started!

More magic darts from MvG as he races into a 5-0 lead. He is yet to lose a leg in this years matchplay, currently 15-0.

WOW! MvG finally loses a leg as Kyle hits a 160 checkout to break the MvG throw!

Not to be outdone MvG hits a 128 checkout of his own and breaks the throw yet again. Averaging 107

This could be one of the quickest nights in matchplay history! MvG hits his second ton plus checkout in a row to extend his lead to 7-1