Adrian Lewis

Gerwyn Price



Lewis has himself an early break and doubles his lead. The pair just won't look at each other atm

Last dart in hand with price on tips for the leg and Lewis hits double 18 to lead 3-0 with a double break of throw!

A first dart at double for Price and he hits it to break the Lewis throw!

Both players celebrating after every finish and big show, great to see

A break of throw for Price as he is now just 3-2 behind going into the first break!

Lewis regains control of this match and his breaks the throw again.

Lewis misses tops for a she-hang-high, and after missing a string of doubles, he isn't punished and now leads 5-2

The price is right as Gerwin hits tops to hold his throw. The standard in this game hasn't been the best

Price just isn't looking like breaking the Lewis throw atm. Another comfortable hold for the 2X world champ

Lewis finally hits a 180, and after Gerwen busts his score by hitting big 17, Lewis steps in to extend his lead to 4 legs