Never Have I Ever Seen #1: Pulp Fiction



Hello. I'm Roddy Graham. I'm a primary teacher from the Scottish Borders and a long term ByTheMinute writer. And Never Have I Ever Seen Pulp Fiction.

WTF?! How have you never seen Pulp Fiction? Not entirely sure the reason. I've watched a number of other Tarantino films (and really enjoyed them too!) but just never got round to watching this one. I was just 5 when it came out though which may partly explain it. Looking forward to watching it though. Heard a lot of good things about it. Which I'm sure comes as a surprise to none of you.

So what films have you actually seen? Tell us about your favourites. Big fan of animation and comedy, as well as historical drama. So things like Toy Story, Blazing Saddles, Airplane and Forest Gump are big favourites of mine. Also Braveheart (yes, I'm Scottish...such a cliche!) and 12 Years A Slave are up there. Not a massive movie geek but enjoy Kermode and Mayo's podcast nonetheless.

Before you start the film, what do you know about it already? Very little if I'm honest. Obviously that it's a Tarantino film so I'm expecting violence and swearing and general nastiness. Know Samuel L Jackson and Danny off of Grease are in it, but the plot? Not a scooby. Anything could happen over the next couple of hours. Here's hoping it's an enjoyable time for me (and you!)

OK. You may begin. *presses play* 8.39pm: A definition right at the start of the film. I have to read before I watch the cinematic production? Pffft.

8.41pm: I'm not liking this English dude. I guess that's the point. His shirt is pretty cool though.

8.42pm: That ginger lass looks a right hard sort. I wouldn't mess with her. Bet she kills at least 6 people between now and the end of the film. Bet you.

8.43pm: KNEW IT! RIGHT HARD BITCH!! Cue music.

8.44pm: Might be the classiest title shots I've seen in ages. Banging tune. Swell graphics. Sadly due to W.Ill.I.Am all I can think about is the Black Eyed Peas. Swine.

8.46pm: Danny off of Grease and Sam J are in the house. Or the car at least. Danny's hair looks awful. And don't even get me started on the earring.