Never Have I Ever Seen #1: Pulp Fiction



9.43pm: Surely it's about time that Sam J came back into the film. And those crazy folks from right at the start of the film too.

9.44pm: Young(ish) Christopher Walken! Love this guy. One of my favourite actors. Alongside Christoph Waltz.

9.46pm: Tarantino films + REALLY long acting monologues are just the best, right? I'm not taking in everything that Walken is saying but I just know it's great.

9.47pm: Did I just hear that correctly that the watch had been up two guys bumholes for 7 years and it's just been given to a wee kid? Ewwwww.

9.49pm: Now if I was listening properly, the guy from Die Hard has just killed his boxing opponent. We all know how powerful the death was. Hard. Yes, he died hard.

9.52pm: It's getting to the stage of the film where I've kinda lost track of the story. That is, of course, if there is a story to tell. It could well just be a series of unconnected scenes with no logical pattern to follow knowing Quentin.

9.56pm: So Mr Willis is now with someone who I can only assume is his significant other. What part she plays in the story? God knows.

9.59pm: 50 Shades Of Willis is not something I was hoping to see tonight. Not going to lie.

10.01pm: Naked Willis is, again, not something I was hoping to see tonight.

10.03pm: I genuinely do not know what all this conversation between Willis and the French lass is for. It seems to be dragg...OH! Someone has pinched the bum watch. So THAT'S where the film is going.