Never Have I Ever Seen #1: Pulp Fiction



10.29pm: And still we wait for Sam J to reappear. But at least Willis now has an awesome chopper in his possession. His bike is not too shabby either. Does need to wear a helmet though.

10.31pm: SAM J!!!!!!! HE'S RETURNED!!!!! At least I think that's his voice. Must be. So distinctive.

10.32pm: We appear to have flashbacked to 8.59pm and Brett's untimely death. And Danny off of Grease is still alive. Was his shooting a dream?? I'm so confused!

10.35pm: Sam J goes all holy on Danny with some "divine intervention" stuff after someone inside the flat shoots at the pair of them and the bullets somehow miss them. Danny then destroys the lat remaining boy from the flat's face with an accidental bullet. The car is a right mess. As are Sam J's and Danny's suits.

10.37pm: IT'S TARANTINO HIMSELF! ACTUAL QUENTIN ACTING! This is brilliant. He's good too. Should do more acting.

10.40pm: "I'll be there in 10" Nine minutes thirty seven seconds later...and Winston Wolf is there. From the car insurance adverts!!! So THAT'S why people went crazy for those adverts. Got ya.

10.43pm: I genuinely didn't know Winston Wolf came from this film. I thought he was a parody of The Godfather. Everyday is literally a school day. Despite me being on holiday as I type.

10.47pm: I love that the conclusion of the film is involving Danny and Sam J using cleaning products to wipe up the mess created from that bullet shot. Only Tarantino would get away with this.

10.49pm: Winston Wolf spraying water from a hose on the pair of criminals might be my new favourite scene in cinema. Especially with Tarantino watching on. And now the story comes together. They have the clothes on that they wore when they went to the restaurant to meet with Willis. From an hour ago. If not more.

10.52pm: "Call me Winston" I bet there's a t-shirt out there with that on it. Breakfast time for Danny and Sam J. In the restaurant from the start of the film. See, it's all coming together now. Like a visual jigsaw.