Never Have I Ever Seen #1: Pulp Fiction



10.56pm: Here we go again. The robbery is on. Getting a sense of deja vu with this. Curiously they don't go near Sam J. Danny in the toilet is rather coincidental mind.

10.59pm: Imagine completing a robbery with a black bin bag. And a total lack of wit. TAKE HIS BALLS SAM!

11.01pm: Love that the mystic gold thing in the suitcase is still a mystery up until the end. I wonder what is inside? I'm going for a Countdown Clock.

11.04pm: Got to say I'm really worried about Danny off of Grease. He's been in the toilet for 9 minutes now. FINALLY, he comes out. I hope he flushed everything away...

11.07pm: I'm getting an ever increasing feeling this film is going to end with the two punks getting their brains blown off. And a long silence afterwards. I also don't think we'll ever find out what's in the suitcase. Countdown clock it is.

11.09pm: And with that walk out of the diner, it ends. Well...kinda. I mean we know the story goes on as it wasn't told in chronological order.

So, what did you make of Pulp Fiction then? It was certainly a Tarantino movie. There's no denying that. All over the place plot wise. Plenty violence, swearing, drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll. His best work? Would be harsh to judge after one viewing but if pushed I'd say Inglorious Basterds was better after one watch. I think. The music in this was far superior though.

IMDB has a rating of 8.9/10 for this, agree? I can see why it's rated so highly. Personally, I wouldn't go quite so high. Perhaps an 8/10 would suffice after one viewing. There were bits halfway through where I lost interest. BUT now I know the film isn't in chronological order, the story makes more sense. A 2nd viewing is definitely on the cards. And perhaps 8.9 is reachable!

Alan Wilson

Second watch is now on the cards for me as well! Great start to the series.

So wrap this up by giving Pulp Fiction a 5 word review... A visual jigsaw. Great soundtrack. I've been Roddy Graham and I now have seen Pulp Fiction.