WWE Draft



Bell rings. Rollins straight on the attack

Rollins totally dominant thus far

Backbreaker from Rollins produces a two count. Still no offense from Ambrose

Ambrose breaks a sleeper and begins to get a few chops on Rollins. They go to the outside & Ambrose delivers a back body drop into the time keepers area

Ambrose goes off the announce table rib first into the barricade. Rollins with some heavy offense in the ring. Adverts...

As we return, Rollins is still in control

Rollins is toying with Ambrose, pushing his face

Ambrose with a BIG clothesline out of the corner

Ambrose firing with right hands. Elbow to the face leads to a 2 count from a roll-up

Rollins bucklebomb. Misses a frogsplash. Ambrose nearly gets a cradle pin