Michael Smith

Steve Beaton



A very good evening to all you Darting fans - my name is Dave South better known as @lockuptipster and I will be providing leg-leg analysis throughout tonight's first two matches.

Got any particular fancies tonight? I think Beaton will surprise the bookies and Smith tonight. He may not win but will be closer than anticipated.

Match odds: Smith - 1/4 Beaton - 3/1 Last meeting - World Championships 2015 - Smith won 4-2

John McDonald Master of Ceremonies about to call the players on - best of luck Smiffy and Beaton

The Bronze Adonis deserves some respect - a former semi finalist and 1996 BDO World Champion

Steve Beaton to throw first - Game on!

This is Steve Beaton's 17th appearance at the MAtchplay - ONLY Phil Taylor has actively appeared more times.

Beaton holds throw under some pressure but leads 1-0

Beaton BOSSES the Smith throw and takes the second leg on 87 with true ease.

Smith takes a clinical 156 to upset the Beaton momentum with D18