Peter Wright

Adrian Lewis



Testing Testing!! @shippo4179 back in the every sense of the word, as the World Matchplay reaches the quarter final stages!

Peter 'Snakebite' Wright, so often the nearly man in the Major's, takes on Adrian 'Jackpot' Lewis, a two time World Champ who often flatters to deceive

The bookies can't split them at 10/11 the pair, Lewis was poor against Price needs to get back to his A game

I've got Wright for a 16-13 win, always steady, sometimes excellent, and will always give you a run for your money if you like a punt

If there's anyone out there feel free to post comments and of course your predictions :-)

MC John McDonald about to call out the players, Peter Wright seconds away from his dance, something that always makes me shout at the telly..but am i complimentary????!!!

Adrian Lewis now, is he looking nervy..focused....pretty relaxed and not too over the top..knows its about time he won another major

A beautiful venue for darts, hope i get back there one day...anyway here we go..Lewis to throw 1st..GAME ON

Both struggling to find a treble early doors