Never Have I Ever Seen #2: Wall-E



433pm - Oh the other robot has a classified directive. Of course it does.

435pm - I'm guessing this other robot is a female. Sadly for Wall-e she has been dropped off on the planet, whilst she is on a period. She has now whacked Wall-e and his eye socket thing has come out. C3PO did it better 30years ago mate

Lee Ryder is a mark ass bitch

disgraceful comment

439pm - The female robot who I believe is called Eva has ingested the green flower of earlier, and has gone into some kind of robotic coma. Wall-E is trying to revive her by taking her out for the day. This film is essentially a love story, saying there is someone for everyone. I get that.

442pm - The spaceship is back. It's taking Eva away. Oh hang on, Wall-E has attached himself to the side of the spaceship as it takes off. The drama.

445pm - Humans now live on a massive space station beyond the Milky Way. This film might have a ring of truth to it if Trump is voted in as President.

448pm - Wall-E has been found by the other robots on this space station, and there's a chase. "Foreign contaniment" is blurted across the screen. These same border controls will be in place in the UK soon.

450pm - All humans on the space station are fat and lazy. No foreigners allowed? Fat humans? Is it set in 2017 America?

455pm - This other robot is still in it's coma like state. Wall-E has finally tracked her down. Oh who is this human voiced by, I know that voice!

457pm - Oh the humans have been told to go back to earth, as Eva brought back some live vegetation.

5pm - it's finally come to me. The captain is voiced by Jeff out of Curb your Enthusiasm. I wish I was watching that instead.