Never Have I Ever Seen #2: Wall-E



503pm - Eva is now having some kind of robotic spa treatment. Wall-E is going crazy, probably as he has the seen the price of it. Trust me mate, we've all been there.

505pm - "Caution rogue robots. Caution rogue robots." These two are really getting into some hilarious scrapes...zzzzz

507pm -Wall-E has been fired back to earth with the plant. Oh wait the the capsule is going to self-destruct. I kind of hope it does. Oh it has, but Wall-E has survived. He is currently flying round space, yes like a robotic Norman Wisdom

510pm - aaaaahhh the two robots are in love. Something terrible is going to happen soon isn't it. Film plot. 101.

513pm - Eva has delivered the plant to Jeff from Curb and he has declared that they can go back to Earth. However Earth now looks like Ming the Merciless has been at it.

516pm - Oh the robots on the space station don't want to go back to earth. What are they trying to hide? is there some kind of conspiracy? Operation clean-up has not worked on Earth. One of the guys from Modern Family has confirmed that the humans are not to return to Earth.

519pm - Mutiny by the other robots, but Wall-E has saved the day, by saving the plant from the trash compactor. A brief moment of drama, but the bad robots win through and place Eva and Wall-E in the trash compactor

522pm - Eva has saved Wall-E from being blasted out to space...again. But it's not looking good for him, he's in a bad way. Get the WD40 out.

525pm - Now there is a big chase as Eva and a stricken Wall-E are racing back to the Captain's Quarter with the withering plant. Genuinely I hope this finishes soon , I'm not feeling this at all.

527pm - Every time Jeff (the Captain) speaks I'm reminded how good Curb Your Enthusiasm is. At least this film has reminded me to dig out some old DVDs and watch Curb this evening.