Smackdown Live



I'm 99% sure he's selling, but this would be such Sod's law.

It's all Miz. Crowd is completely silent.

My Sky box went to crap. I got back in time to see Randy Orton win with an RKO.

Major positive when the show is sucking. We're 1 hour and 15 minutes in, and we're past the halfway point. If this was a three hour show I'd be losing my mind. Thankfully, we've got a pretty fun main event to look forward to.

Checking the WWE twitter, and Orton hit an RKO. Did a double down. Then hit a second for the win. Funny considering he said all it takes is one RKO to send Brock Lesnar to Viperville, yet hit two to beat the Miz.

Hype video for American Alpha. I'm happy!!

I'll be honest. I'd have been fine with Jordan and Gable staying in developmental for a while longer to get more seasoning. But they're fantastically talented. They're making their Smackdown debut next week. Can't wait!

Now if they can bring back Kurt Angle to manage them, their act will be complete.

There some geek in the ring. And Heath Slater, who wasn't drafted last week just came out in street clothes, socked him and takes a mic. Cuts a hot promo. Calls out Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon and says he should be in the main event tonight. Ok

He tries to get a Sign Heath Slater chant going. It kinda happens. Shane comes out. Says Heath needs to find a better way to get signed to Smackdown. Not really. He came and battered someone. Sign Heath Slater!