Smackdown Live



Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan will name a new #1 contender for the WWE Championship tonight.

Here's your full Smackdown roster and where they were picked. They missed a trick not drafting James Ellsworth.

They just played this. AJ finding out the rest of the Club were going to Raw. Decent chance he didn't know in advance.

Video package on the pre-show for Mojo Rawley. I absolutely hate him.

Terrible gimmick. Terrible wrestler. He tagged with Zack Ryder in NXT in the worst tag team ever. Well since the Shining Stars at least. Mojo should have been drafted to TNA.

A video package now for Alexa Bliss. If you're not smitten yet, then give it time.

Go Google her mum too. You'll have a crush on her too.

Daniel Bryan on the Skype line announces Becky Lynch vs Natalya rematch for tonight. Miz TV with a former WWE Champ. New Number 1 contender announced.

It's time for Smackdown! Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon backstage with mics to introduce us to the show. They head out to the stage and into the arena. Put over the fans. Do the Yes chant. Authority figures that are actually likeable? It'll never catch on.

Smackdown theme plays. I think it's new. I honestly don't know.