Smackdown Live



Daniel announces the sixth spot is open to everyone and will be decided by the winner of a battle royal involving the entire roster. Up next. When they say entire roster I assume the don't include the girls. And of course Randy Orton. Who's busy with the USADA special at Smmerslam.

Speaking of USADA, we get a hype video for Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. WWE are just pretending that Lesnar's failure at UFC 200 didn't happen. Kinda undermining their Wellness Policy.

Here's the new Smackdown opening credits, for those who care.

It is a new theme song, as Sky Sports still have the old theme (which I recognised when it played) just before it came back from break.

Bell rings for the battle royal.

Simon Gotch eliminated by Kane.

Kane eliminates both the Ascension at the same time.

They're going with the stupid Hype Bros on Smackdown as Ryder and Mojo are wearing matching gear.

I don't think I've seen an old school hard camera angle yet. They keep going back to a closer than usual one. I quite like it. Shane did promise the show would be shot differently. He told the truth!

An Uso got eliminated by Breezeango as we head to break. About 10 guys left.