Smackdown Live



Early impressions of David Otunga on commentary. His voice is kinda dull, but I'll give him a chance to see if he has anything interesting to say.

Also. Daniel Bryan was the best pick possible for Smackdown GM. Everyone loves him. He's amazingly likeable, and he's so believable, that he'll get people over. Go and watch his pep talk for Dean Ambrose on Sunday at Battleground. He made Dean feel like the man.

We're back. I think there's 8 guys left.

And just like that we're down to four. Apollo Crews, Kane, Kalisto and Zack Ryder.

Everyone ganging up on Kane. Kane being put over strong so far. Good to see the young guys getting featured...

Kalisto nails Crews with a Salida Del Sol. Ryder goes for the Elbow, but slips and botches it like a geek. Kane eliminates Kalisto. Down to three

Ryder with a Broski Boot to Kane. Didn't botch it. And then got eliminated by Kane. Who's recreating the 2001 Royal Rumble.

Apollo with the low bridge and Kane goes out. Apollo Crews wins. They made Kane look amazing here for some reason, but making an effort with Crews at least. Hope he gets featured in the main event.

Renee Young out to interview Apollo at ringside. Apollo says he's not celebrating yet as he's got a match to win later. I like the post match interviews. They did it last night. Feels fresh.

Corbin vs Wyatt vs Ziggler vs Cena vs Styles vs Crews tonight is your main event. Winner faces Ambrose for the title at Summerslam. Natalya vs Becky Lynch is next.