Smackdown Live



Hype video for the returning Shelton Benjamin! Awesome. I was always a fan of his.

Benjamin has just turned 41, but apparently he was still pretty good in New Japan recently, so hopefully will still have something to offer.

Dolph Ziggler promo into the camera with no mic in sight. This is fresh and good. He talks about his road to WWE, how he's lost his way recently, but he's back on track starting tonight. I fucking hate Dolph Ziggler promos 99 times out of 100, but this was good.

Becky Lynch on the way out for the rematch from 48 hours ago. I won't lie. I skipped this match on Battleground because I was pushed for time. So it's fresh to me.

Here comes Natalya. She has a brilliant heel shit eating grin.


It seems like this is your new hard camera on Smackdown. It's their go to angle. I must admit, I really like it.

This feels really fresh and different. WWE desperately needed a make over. The feel of this show gets a big thumbs up from me so far, even if the show hasn't been up to a huge amount so far.

This match is getting no time. Becky is already going through her comeback. Crowd are into it though.

Or I'm wrong. Nattie cuts her off and we head to commercial.