Smackdown Live



And the focus was Eva Marie. I know they desperately want to push her because she's hot, but she's God awful.

Baron cuts a promo about the main event. Says he's doing it for himself tonight. Great

Time for Miz TV. Maryse has rejuvenated the Miz's career.

Miz has delivered a former World Champion. His guest is himself.

He starts interviewing himself. Putting himself over. To be honest, as great as his heel mic work has been recently, this is dying a quick death.

Miz and Maryse heel it up. Randy Orton interrupts.

Here's a conga line of women earlier, with a couple of debuts.

Randy has returned all wacky and happy. It's weird.

He's even cutting jokes. Bizarre.

They're not very good, but he looks like he's enjoying himself, so good for him.