Smackdown Live



Miz brings up Brock Lesnar. Orton puts Brock over as a legend, but reminds everyone he made a name for himself as a legend killer.

Randy decides instead of building hype to his first match back at Summerslam, he wants to wrestle Miz tonight instead.

Miz at least understands what sensible storytelling is about, and says no.

Miz decides to poke the bear and remind him that he won the WWE title off Orton in 2009.

Orton insults Maryse a little. Maryse kicks off and says Miz accepts the match. This is silly.

I shouldn't nit pick too much, but Orton's first match back after a long layoff should be against Brock at Summerslam. But I guess if he's gonna be on TV for a month it doesn't hurt to have a match. I'd have preferred to hold it off, but fine.

We head to break. Match is after the break.

I'm all ready to get excited to watch Smackdown every week. The two hour show is such a plus over Raw. But this show has been no good so far, apart from the new tweaks that's made it feel fresh.

Randy Orton's big return on free TV with no build vs the Miz. Bell goes. Miz immediately steps outside, kisses Maryse, and heads back in Priorities.

Orton gets sent to the outside, hits hard and starts selling his shoulder. Hopefully it's just a good sell job or this is potential disaster.