Plumtree CC
86/1 (16.2)

Caythorpe CC



It's Plumtree, there's some cloud about, but "reliable" locals ensure us it won't rain. Caythorpe stand-in skipper, Martyn Dobson has won the toss. We'll have a bat.

Under way, Steve Allcoat up first, facing Nick Winter, Martyn Dobson at the other end.

Allcoat with a pair of boundarys to start the scoring. One through the covers, one more toward point. Nothing but grass for both.

Allcoat falls off the last ball of the over, ct Soames off Milnes for 8. Top edged ballooned over the shoulder of Soames who made a decent running effort to hang on to it. 9 for 1 off 2.

3rd. Dobson sees a bit of width he likes and gets four through point.

4th: Just a single off the 4th, Dobson running it down to third man

5th: Is the first maiden of the match.

6th: The first maiden is closely followed by the 2nd, as Milnes gets in on the dot act. Thankfully no audible counting from the field

7th: Winter strays down leg side, conceding 3 wides. Then a push through mid-off brings the 1st run off the bat in three overs. Dobson the culprit.

8th: Milnes with another maiden. Runs drying up a little.