Never Have I Ever Seen #3: Fight Club



Hello. I'm Steve Grzesiak. I'm a full time film nerd. And Never Have I Ever Seen Fight Club.

Q: WTF?! How have you never seen Fight Club? A: Erm, not sure, really! I've seen that episode of Spaced if that makes up for it?

Q: So what films have you actually seen? Tell us about your favourites. A: Well, rather a lot. I normally watch about two a day. My favourites are Aliens, Miller's Crossing, Jaws and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. Oh, and The Sting. And Chinatown. Raiders Of The Lost Ark as well. I forgot The Thing.

Q: Before you start the film, what do you know about it already? A: It's one of those films that it's impossible not to know anything about. So I know there's something about soap. And I think I know the twist. So I'm not expecting many surprises!

Can I start it now? I might have to pause it if my daughter loses her toys under the bed, this happens most nights though. Apologies to Mr. Fincher in advance.

By the way, I promise I won't be using this as a platform to register my disgust at Chris Clark's heinous hatchet job on the delightful WALL-E last week on here. Honest.

7:45 - Didn't know it was this long. Anything over 2 hours plays merry havoc with my ADD.

7:47 - Hmm. Not a fan of voiceovers and, to be quite flippin' honest with you, Ed Norton for that matter. Could be a tester, this.

7:50 - I've not only never seen Fight Club but I've never been to Ikea either. This film is making me want to go though, which I think is the opposite effect of what it was going for.

7:52 - Norton doesn't look like a Cornelius. More like a Gavin.