Never Have I Ever Seen #3: Fight Club



8:43 - There's some top tier acting in this. Did it win any Oscars? I don't care, the Oscars suck.

8:45 - I knew there was something about soap! But....why are they making soap again?

8:48 - Oh right, ok I get it. The wheels do turn a bit slowly when I'm without cookies.

8:52 - I'm glad I converted to shower gel, to be honest.

8:55 - Somebody get Meat Loaf a Wonderbro.

8:59 - Unorthodox way of renting out a basement. The way the London housing market's going, this may become common practice.

9:00 - Quick intermission. Pretty good so far. About an hour left by my reckoning.

9:09 - Sorry, forgot I left some washing out. Bet this doesn't happen to Mark Kermode. Right, an hour left, let's go!

9:12 - The stranger fight scene is cracking. Might be favourite thing so far.

9:15 - I am Jack's despair at still not being able to find my bloody cookies.